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Our Mission

To promote and protect all aspects of the keeping , breeding and showing of poultry for all present and future generations to enjoy. We strive to acheive this  by breeding ,showing ,judging and selling quality standard bred birds.We also promote and protect the keeping and breeding of several species of cage birds.Our goal to prevent extinction through preservation. Our hobby is a great and rewarding one ... we hope you enjoy our website as a little contribution to our great hobby .... Troy Laroche

My Hobby

From humble beginngs and a pure love for all things alive... I have been blessed to be a part of this great hobby for the past 40 + years. I am lucky to have the support and encouragement of a great family that allows our home and property in Georgetown Ontario Canada to be more than just a place to live but also a place to flourish my love of poultry and all things avian. This hobby, through showing and judging has allowed me to travel through out Canada and the United States as well as the Island Country of Bermuda ,enjoying all the hobby has to offer and meeting great people from all walks of life along the way. I encourage everyone to get involved. The rewards are endless and the friendships are second to none. The birds may be the bond that brings us together but people are the key to the hobby. Troy

ABA Master Breeder of Birchen Modern Bantams 

After many years of hard work and dedication to our favorite breed and variety of poultry we have obtained the status of Master Breeder of Birchen Modern Game Bantams by the ABA. I would like to thank all my friends and family and especially my mentors for all the support on this quest. 

Birds available for sale in 2018 

We are currently taking orders for birds in the breeds and varieties listed below. We can deliver to shows we attend  through out the fall. If you are inquiring about birds going to the USA do remember we are in Canada and require at least 2 weeks notice on birds going to the USA for shows we attend. Order early to avoid disappointment. 

2018 the following will be available 

Birchen Modern Bantams  pairs , trios and singles. $50 - $100 per bird 

Brown Red Modern Bantams Pairs and individuals ( very limited supply ) $50

- $100 per bird  

Large Fowl Birchen Modern Game $50 - $100 per bird. Order early as limited birds will be raised this year

Wheaten Ko Shamo $50 - $100 per bird... limited pairs and individuals .. contact early to reserve.

Silver Sebright bantams $50-$100 per bird.. pairs , trio and individuals. Having a good year .. 

Gouldian Finches $85 each, pairs and individuals available ( pick up only Canada sales only sorry  ) subject to availability ( currently have stock for sale) 

Senegal Doves $150per pair / $80 per individual .Having a great year ..several pairs of 2018 birds currently available 


All birds ( Poultry)  will be ILT & Mereks vaccinated. Nothing available until late August /early september. 2018 . Contact Troy at for more details and to book your orders. Due to circumstances beyond our control ,We reserve the right to limit or cancel orders , quantities are limited in many varieties and breeds. Order early to avoid disappointment . 



Over the past 40 + years I have bred and exhibited a large aray of poultry & waterfowl. My main breed is that of Modern Game Bantams of which I have specialized in for over 30 years. Although over the years I have kept all the reconized varieties and some non reconized ones ,I currently breed and exhibit them in following color varieties being Birchen  & Brown Red and we are dabbling in Silver Blue variety. As well as we have developed our own strain of Large Fowl Birchen Moderns.

Moderns are the ultimate fanciers creation offering a challenge with many color patterns not to mention a type and style very unique to this breed. They are our passion and the mainstay in our birds that we keep.For the other breeds we keep see the other poultry section.

We exhibit our birds across Canada and United States and have had great sucess over the years.I have acheived my Master Exhibitor Status with the ABA # 422 as of 2011 and in 2016 we became master breeder of Birchen Modern Games with the ABA a first for a Canadian . I have acheived my Master Exhibitor Award from the APA back in 2000 and my APA Grand Master Exhibitors Award for SC White Leghorn Large Fowl in 2004 ( no longer raising them )  and my APA Grand Master Exhibitors Award in Birchen Modern Bantams in 2009 as well as Brown Red Modern Bantams in 2016.

see For Sale section for details on  what and when there are available birds for sale .


The APA 2010 Canadian Champion



This Birchen Modern Pullet #102 was APA Canadian National Champion of Show at Peticodiac New Bruinswick Sept 25,2010


A Few thoughts



You never hear of senior citizens complaining about having too much fun in their youth.. .. Live life to the fullest  !


Never miss a good opportunity to keep your mouth shut ! Not everything needs to be commented on .... 

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